Famous Buddha quotes for a principled life

Human nature is designed in such a way that, without proper guidance it is attracted to the wrong aspects rather than the right. That is why there is a need for such a thing which can tell man how to live and explain the concept of good and bad. This is where religion and religious preaching help us. For those people who believe in the power of man rather than believing in a special spiritual power, Buddha quotes are an inspiring means to keep them on track.

The specialty of Buddha quotes is that they are like food for the analytical part of our brain. All of the Buddhist sayings are not like rules which should be followed. They are put down in a poetic manner with simple similes and metaphors so that people can think about it and understand it, rather than just following it blindly. This is the reason why these sayings have the ability to affect any person in a positive manner. These sayings are targeted at removing the superstitious believes out of people and awakening reason and thought in their place; here human beings are not encouraged to become slaves to beliefs.

Thus, the famous Buddha quotes are like the perennial spring of wisdom, from which people can learn and understand the various truths of life as opposed to blind faith.


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